by Sex Jams

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S.L.A.T.F.A.T.B. entstand im Frühsommer 2016 zwischen der Releasetour der letzten LP „Catch“ (TCM) und der darauf folgenden Tour an der Ostküste der USA. Die in den USA via OLD FLAME Records auf Tape veröffentlichten Songs sind nun erstmals auch in Europa in Form dieser E.P. zu hören. Als „Dankeschön“ an die HörerInnenschaft gedacht gibts das ganze gratis via Bandcamp down zu loaden und TCM kümmert sich um die Bedürfnisse der Streaming Generation.


released January 27, 2017

all music by SJ. Recorded mixed and mastered by W.M.



all rights reserved


Sex Jams Wien, Austria

Sex Jams are straight out of Vienna’s throbbing underground DIY scene, and spit out spontaneous bursts of pure pop and overdriven noise-fuzz capable of disarming the mightiest of opposition. Forthcoming
album, Trouble, Honey, is a record that brings together in unholy matrimony the pop panache of Blondie with moments that could be Dinosaur Jr at their fuzzy
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Track Name: Kino
cold new morning hanging in the sky
coming right through the door
i am your knife
get up now
you won’t change it here
lets head home
lets head home

u won’t fight horses
or bind them home
and all your crushes you can’t let go
on a night like this i swear
you’ll wake up happy you’ve had me here

glasses crack on the floor
screens keep talking
all want more
and then you jump in his car
i hear how u grind in his arms it keeps you up
it keeps u up
Track Name: Prudence
jump into the car
and choose a shiny diamond
glad I found you here
sweet you still look vital
u don’t wanna go back
to the smell of fat and cigarettes
the road seems so long
do not show your prudence

or what do u want?
I’ll build u a ladder
I thought u wanted to get out of here
or what do u want?

I wanna have it all
but what do you know
I have a sense to the world
I´ll get an answer u can’t know
I went two years into a whirl
I went away since u are away

If I had as much money as I could tell,
I never would cry,
young lambs to sell,

what do u want?
i´ll build u a ladder
i thought u wanted
or what do u want?

jump into the car and choose a shiny diamond
do not show your prudence do not show your prudence
Track Name: The Soap Song
the world is wide
and so am I
the roads seem long
and running around

it makes us tired
and people go
they really wanna really wanna know where
u may hide

every room is flooded
its keeping me awake

but oh to find
the field called your own

what runs around
may come back
the people come and go
around the tower

you’ve seen em all
the reason why
u live and die
and don’t let them comb your hair
your hair

and u have got to go
and u have to go

its fine
wohoho its fine
but cars are freaking you
Track Name: No Past In My Future
u wanna know
u wanna know
and then u realize kid that u know
and ur choices on love made me go

I wanna go I wanna go I wanna

its only a dream about us
never knew
I can’t trust me in how I feel

and if u don’t get to go
and is it real what you say that u know
and all the tears you own made me go

I wanna know
I wanna know

its only a dream about us
never felt the trust
you know the scheme

and now you care about us
means anything
and you can’t get a hold of me
Track Name: Riso Friday
Ringer springen am Planeten durch das Weltall und ich wälze mich auf deinen Prints. Denn alles was ich will ist ein Freifahrschein in der Geisterbahn deines Gehirns.
Wann ist endlich wieder Friday? Das ist mein Fun Day, Baby druck es schnell.
Weite Mäntel bilden Wolken über dem Spielplatz. Rotkäppchen und der Wolf - saufen im Park. Alles was ich will ist dieser Freifahrschein zum Riso Friday. Baby dann bist du mein. Wann ist endlich wieder Friday? Das ist mein Fun Day, Baby druck es jetzt.